The video shows Shanann Watts shortly before death

The video in front of the door of her home in Frederick, Colorado, shows the moment when a friend drops Watts off the airport on August 13, 2018. She can be seen carrying her suitcase up and down the aisle. 39 at the door.

The short video clip is thought to be the last time Shanann Watts, 15 weeks pregnant, is alive. In a few hours or minutes, Shanann was killed, the authorities said.

Her husband, Chris Watts, pleaded guilty in November to first degree murder and other charges in the deaths of his wife and two daughters. He was sentenced to five life sentences without parole.

HLN obtained the new video through a free registration application from the Weld County District Attorney's Office. Prosecutors had not yet released the film.

Immediate suspicions

In the middle of the afternoon of August 13, Shanann's friends and family were beginning to worry. She was not answering her phone – and her daughters did not show up in kindergarten.

Authorities said the three were dead at the time. It is not clear if the girls were alive when their mother arrived home.

& # 39; He has changed: The texts show a gap between Chris Watts and his wife before killing her

An investigation and a large-scale investigation involving the local police department, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI ensued.

In a few days, Shanann was found buried in a shallow grave on a ranch, just under an hour from the couple's home. About 100 feet away were the bodies of his little daughters, Celeste, age 3, and Bella, age 4. They had been thrown into separate tanks 20 feet high.

Prosecutors said Chris Watts had a secret affair with one of his colleagues. While Shanann Watts was desperately trying to save her ruined marriage, the police said her husband was focused on this new love interest.

The evidence also suggests that a family is in debt and lives well beyond their means.

Watts was sentenced to life in prison in November. Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke said his office received daily phone calls, e-mails and letters containing everything from conspiracy theories to suggestions for follow-up investigations.

"This has certainly penetrated the consciousness of a large part of the population and we continue to receive our correspondence daily," said Rourke.

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