The video shows that Chris Christie made a mistake about a journalist following remarks about the federal government's constitution of a case against Trump


FUK Republican Republican Governor Chris Christie tried to verify the facts in a reporter's clash on Friday over his comments on whether the southern New York district was arguing against the president Trump.

However, the video shows that NBC journalist Ken Dilanian was right.

In a tweet on Thursday night, Dilanian said, "Chris Christie, a Trump supporter, claims that he believes the South District is preparing a case to charge the president when he will step down."

Christie replied, calling the deceiving tweet.

"Absolutely wrong! What I said was that if they try to defend a case, they can not seize it before he leaves, because the Justice Department's policy forbids indicting a sitting president. " Christie announced on Twitter to Ken Dilanian, a NBC reporter on Friday morning. "It's @KenDilanianNBC, be specific. I do not see any case against POTUS based on what we know. "

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the Washington Examiner went back and checked the tape.

Dilanian's tweet was about a segment of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," in which Christie defended the work of FBI deputy director William F. Sweeney Jr., with whom he previously worked and now plays a role. key in the investigation. this led to a guilty plea of ​​Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, for financial crimes.

Chris Cuomo asked Christie, who claimed that the Southern District of New York was now more of a "threat" to Trump than the investigation of special advocate Robert Mueller, if Sweeney "burned" him. taxpayers' money as the Department of Justice's directives rejected the possibility of a president in place

"What they do – I'm confident – builds a record for two things," he said. "One to sue those around the president who may have committed crimes, and two: to prepare a case if they have one – I do not think they have one for the moment – but if they – they were trying – they "try to build one against the president when he leaves office".

Christie also stated that he thought that the statute of limitations for Trump's alleged crimes "would not be executed".

"Hello, governor! Let's check out the video: "What they do, I'm confident, is … to prepare a file if they have one – I do not think they have one." for the moment, but they're trying … they're trying to build one against the president for when he leaves office, "Dilanian tweeted to Christie, who has not yet responded.

Earlier in the interview, Christie had pointed out that Cohen had sworn to the House Oversight Committee that he was aware of the potential crimes committed by Trump and being the object of. a federal inquiry, but that he could not talk about it at the request of prosecutors.

Christie said that this did not mean that the SDNY had a lawsuit against Cohen, but that showed that they "were trying to build a lawsuit".

Asked by Cuomo's he really believes that, Christie replied, "Yes."

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