The viral video of the wedding party mistreated once until the groom fainted, that's the fact


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A video of the chaos that occurred during a viral wedding on social media.

The video was viral after downloading Eris Riswandi's Facebook account and then downloading multiple accounts.

One of them is the Facebook account of MaMi Ibrahim, Saturday (08/01/2018).

Three videos were distributed showing a chaotic wedding party, some people fought to throw chairs.

Meanwhile, the voice of a man through a speaker asked the audience to be ordered.

However, the fight was inevitable to bring down the chair.

According to the information contained in the download, the incident occurred in Bumiaji, in the city of Batu, East Java.

It was said that the marriage had been sacked by ex-girlfriends.

The groom even fainted in the incident.

Once confirmed by, the party was the wedding of the couple Fachrudin Hamzah and Mira, Thursday (30/08/2018).

Nuhadi (48), explained the owner of the house, the incident occurred around 22:30.

"It is true that there was a stir at the wedding of my son, namely Fachrudin Hamzah and Amira Adelia," he said.

Nuhadi explained that the incident began when his son's friend, Bayu and Pram, came to the wedding.

Both fell off the stairs.

Even though at that time they laughed, but a friend who was far from where they had fallen thought that both had been pushed by other guests and had immediately thrown water mineral to someone who was close to his friend.

The person who was thrown did not receive it and responded so that a hustle and bustle occurred.

The marriages were chaotic and the people scattered.

In fact, the groom was shocked and fainted.

Nuhadi also claimed that it was not true that the agitation had taken place because of an ex-girlfriend.

"He probably fainted because he saw chaotic conditions." When he woke up, Hamzah was possessed and screaming, "he told

The people inside were hysterical and scared.

Even though, said Nuhadi, the event was resolved in a family and not reported to the police.

Meanwhile, AKP police chief Anton Widodo, head of the criminal investigation unit in Batu, said he had sent a task force to the scene.

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