The VR game sees sales increase significantly as players confuse it for Apex Legends


Apex Construct is a virtual reality game that was released on Steam in March 2018. Last week, it sold more copies in China than it sold in 2018. Why this sudden increase? It seems like a lot of people confuse Apex Construct for the popular Royal Shooter Apex Legends.

PC Gamer first announced the news after a Apex Construct developer posted on the Vive Subreddit and told the story of the massive and sudden increase in sales. the Apex Construct The Steam page has seen 4000% more visitors since Apex Legends released.

Fast Travel Games Communications Manager Andreas Juliusson shared the strange news about Reddit. He also explained that the company expects that a large number of these new copies will be repaid after the players have discovered that they have not Apex Legends. Interestingly, both games have similar logos, which could add even more confusion to the situation.

Logo Apex Legends (left) Logo Apex Construct (right)
Graphic: EA / Respawn

Even though a sales increase is nice, Juliusson also shared a negative side effect of the confusion: the players left a ton of negative reviews for Apex Construct simply because it's not Apex Legends. "Fortunately, the Steam community team is studying the issue," said Juliusson. "Somewhere, there is huge misunderstanding."

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