The VW Roomzz ID features a full-size electric SUV scheduled for 2021

The Roomzz concept includes a level 4 range (fully autonomous driving in most conditions) and its seats can both tilt and turn 25 degrees inward to create a "living room atmosphere" when you're not do not drive. Likewise, it is abandoning the conventional dashboard in favor of an all-glass panel and a giant infotainment screen in the center, while the "interactive light zones" provide information to all the users. We would not be surprised if many self-reliance features do not make the cut for the initial production model, but that gives you an idea of ​​where VW would like to go.

Other clever doors include minivan-style sliding rear doors (we would not be surprised if they disappear from production) and an eco-friendly interior with renewable "AppleSkin" seat covers and wood in the panels of door.

VW has committed so far to launch the finished Roomzz in China. That said, it's hard to see the company launching a successful US SUV-friendly region, especially when it will likely want every possible opportunity to justify its US EV manufacturing plans. This should also be a more affordable alternative to the high-end Audi E-Tron.

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