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The warriors pay tribute to Andre Iguodala with a video highlighting the championship moments

Warrior guard Klay Thompson ripped his left-wing ACL on June 13 in the sixth game of the NBA finals against the Toronto Raptors.

On July 2nd, the fivefold All-Star was operated to repair the ligament.

It should be back in about seven months:

"Klay is a guy who will work hard to get back," said Mychal Thompson Monday afternoon on the KNBR 680. "Everyone heals differently, but he will work very hard to get back next season.

"They'll be watching him closely, and Klay will tell them how he feels, they'll take him through millions of steps and all kinds of exercises – 5 to 5 exercises – before he's allowed to play again.

"You can trust the Warriors training staff and team doctors. Medicine and rehabilitation are so advanced that everyone will know whether they are ready to leave or not. "

Klay has signed a five-year maximum contract worth just under $ 190 million, and it's impossible for the Dubs to make it back.

That means he's probably going to miss the start of the season in a now-laden West Conference. Now that the dust has settled after a crazy period of free agents, what is the team to beat?

"The Lakers are once again the favorites to win the title again," said Mychal. "I've heard that the Clippers are the best team." "It was a 2-on-2 match, it's obvious that everyone would take LeBron and AD over- above Kawhi and Paul George.

"The Lakers have a better composition, better players … the Lakers are loaded, they are the two best teams in the West right now, I'm already waiting for the The Western Conference finals takes place at Staples Center – unless he comes back and he is in good health and he has 100% to go, then the Warriors are back in the mix. "

It's hard to disagree with everything Mychal says. No one will want to face the Dubs in mid-April if Klay is back and the rest of the list is completely healthy.

And do not worry Dub Nation – Mychal is not one of the people who predict that the Warriors will miss the playoffs.

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"Oklahoma City will be the only team out of the top eight," he said. "The other seven teams that have qualified for the playoffs next year will be back in the game."

Once again, yours really agrees with the number 1 choice of the 1978 NBA project.

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