The West Java Regional Police apologize after the ambulance video was infected by a viral police group


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A viral video showing a blocked ambulance caused a sensation.

Because the ambulance was blocked by a group of police vehicles.

Even if a patient in the ambulance must be immediately taken to the hospital.

However, the ambulance rate must be stopped because the police entourage is still passing.

The video of the incident in the Gedebage area, Bandung, in West Java, Thursday, September 13, 2013, was uploaded to an Instagram account @seputar_awabrt.

Many citizens regret the events of the video.

In response to this, the West Java Regional Police Chief (Jabar) AKBP Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko made a statement.

Reported by of, he explained that the police group escorted the football and tried to unravel the congestion.

"It was a police escort group for football so it was stuck for a long time and the ambulance was held back, we did not set the priorities, but we are trying to decongest."

The police, especially the West Java Regional Police, later apologized for this accidental incident.

"If we turn on the red light and so on, we can say it first – it is a complete road that has been blocked for a long time on the road.

It is known, on the basis of Article 134 of the Traffic Law No. 22 of 2009, that seven vehicles can be considered as priority when using the road.

The following sequence:

1. The fire engine that performs the task

2. Ambulances that transport sick people

3. Assistance Vehicles for Victims of Traffic Accidents

4. Vehicle managed by the institution of the Republic of Indonesia

5. Heads of vehicles and foreign state officials and international institutions who are guests of the country

6. A convoy of introductory organs

7. convoys and / or vehicles for certain purposes, depending on police considerations

See the video above. ( Padmasta EW)

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