The WhatsApp India Video Leading People to Murder – BBC News


A video of a child apparently kidnapped in India became viral in India, leading people to attack foreigners.
Warning: This video contains scenes of graphic violence.
Video by Dan Johnson, Varun Nayar and Shalu Yadav.

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45 thoughts on “The WhatsApp India Video Leading People to Murder – BBC News”

  1. It's not surprising that shit like this happens in India. I'm an Indian and I face discrimination just because I'm a female. Some people told my mother that I wont be able to take care of our property just because I'm a girl. I have seen a video on YouTube where some Indian men said that women deserve to get raped if they wear 'revealing' clothes in public. Its seriously heartbreaking to see this kind of backwards thinking people in my own country. I am ashamed to be an Indian.

  2. Top 10 countries that Foreigners should not visit if you care about your life and safety ,No 1-Syria,2-Iraq,3-libiya,4-ethiopia,5-somalia,6-pakistan,7-Bengladesh,8-Afghanistan ,9-Sudan,10-India

  3. This is quite common in India. This year alone more than 20 people has been killed by mobs in various parts of India. People are careless. They just share the information they get without checking it's credibility. Now there are laws where people will be punished if they share fake news. Let's hope it works.

  4. In karbi anglong district state of assam 2 young boys were killed by mob lynching .They just there to visit the natural parks. People misunderstood them as a kidnapper due to their modern hair style. And their name is niloypal and abhijeet . You can search the incident in Google

  5. Maybe it's there unawareness of the mob but from the depth depth depth of my heart I curse everyone who beat and kill this guy Amen!! Karma give you lesson I know Indian constitution can't but karma power pls curse them punish them!!

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