The White House will award a medal of honor to the first living recipient of the war in Iraq


President TrumpThe Donald John TrumpHouse panel seeks to block Pentagon funds for the border wall Giuliani evokes Joseph McCarthy in his reviews of Pelosi Giuliani evokes Joseph McCarthy in his reviews of Pelosi PLUS will present the medal of honor later this month to an army sergeant sergeant for his service during a mission to Fallujah, making him the first former living fighter of the war in Iraq to receive this award.

The White House announced Friday that Staff Sgt. David Bellavia will receive the country's highest military award for his actions on November 10, 2014. Trump will present the award at a ceremony to be held on June 25.

Bellavia was cleaning a block of houses in Fallujah as part of the Phantom Fury operation when his unit was immobilized, the White House announced. He shot in the open so that he and the other members of his team could go out safely.

A military vehicle arrived to bring help, but could not fire in a house held by the insurgents. Bellavia then entered the building, where he was hired by and killed five insurgent fighters.

"That day, Staff Sergeant Bellavia rescued a squad, cleared a point of insurgent support and saved many members of his squad from imminent threat," said the White House in a statement.

The actions of Bellavia are detailed in its 2007 memoir, "House to House".

Five other soldiers received the medal of honor for their actions during the war in Iraq. Everyone has been honored posthumously.


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