The winners and losers of the Rams 22-10 win in the pre-season final


Thursday night was the last chance for the players to stand out and give one last boost to the 53-player lineup. A good number of them helped themselves with good performances, while there was no bad performance against the Texans.

The Rams have tough decisions to make in terms of final cut, and the match against Houston did nothing to make those calls easier. Here are our winners and losers of the 22-10 win.


There is something about Wolford that makes him an interesting player. It has a compact delivery, good mobility and a powerful arm, displaying great precision at all levels of the field. If it were not for two drops, its numbers would be even better.

As things stand now, he has two touchdown passes, both of which are pivotal parts of the quarterback.

Wolford showed in this pre-season that he deserved another shot in the NFL and should be signed with the Rams training team if / when he gave up.

Davis certainly made a strong final impression against the Texans, rushing for 78 yards and a touchdown in just 16 runs. He ran with power along the goal line and hesitated to find holes behind his blockers.

His most important race was a 28-yard run. Although he had a pass that was above average, it was his best pre-season performance.

Hodge will probably not be part of the team, but he has shown once again that he deserves to be part of an NFL team – or at least, the training team. He caught five passes on five targets for 76 yards, consistently winning against individual coverage.

Reducing Hodge will be difficult, but when the Ram do it, they will have to hope that no one will claim it for derogations in order to be able to get him into the coaching team.

Okoronkwo is up faster than almost all players in this pre-season lineup. He had two more sacks and two tackles for the loss on Thursday night, forcing a fumble against his first sack. It is not in danger of being cut when it seems to be the case just a few weeks ago.

Okoronkwo still has a lot of room to develop, but it's explosive, has a refined repertoire of pass-rush for a sophomore and even if he's under-sized, he's not swallowed by blocks in the game in progress.

Roberts blinked a few times on Thursday night, including a bag late in the fourth quarter. He's really presented as a defender of the race, which is important for a player at his position. He will probably not be on Week 1's list, but given the lack of depth of the Rams on the defensive line, he could be called at some point by the training team if Rams sign in the 10th minute. group of men.

Allen was on the field against Houston, which shows why he deserves to be part of the regular season lineup. He plays with remarkable physics, always bringing the hammer on his tackle. It's going up a gear, which Sean McVay loves to see.

Allen finished with five tackles in the game and rebounded well against the race. This is something the Rams needs from their linebacker, who will likely be Bryce Hager to start the year. Allen could eventually become a starter, though.

Kupp led the Rams with nine tackles and also had an interception recalled due to a penalty, but that does not detract from his performance in this one. Kupp is a candidate for the training team, especially after a good performance in the final pre-season game.

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