The Yankees are incredibly faced with their first crisis of the season


Three other games.

Three more games, in four days, before the Yankees season is faced with its first test in good faith.

Three more games for this group defeated and split to start playing the role of a competitor, even if it hardly looks like it.

The opening homestand of the Yankees season ended with a thud and a miss – and, it must be said, there is yet another injury. Troy Tulowitzki did not survive his club's 2-1 defeat against the terrible Tigers on Wednesday afternoon, starting in the fourth inning with a tense left calf. The home team set a franchise record with 18 strikeouts and fell to a 2-4 mark in this young season.

"The league season is a glove full of adverse situations all the time," said Aaron Boone. "They come in many shapes and sizes throughout the year, even in the best seasons."

Could you have imagined that this team would leave for their first road trip after losing the series to last year's worst team, the Orioles, and Ron Gardenhire's Motown Booster? Or that they would lose three players everyday (Miguel Andujar, Giancarlo Stanton and Tulowitzki) in addition to the myriad of guys who did not even manage to get out of the camp? Divine goodness, what a fiasco.

"It's zero. This is a difficult case, "said Judge Aaron. "But going through such a race makes a team stronger."

In an attempt to win the series and even improve their record, the Yankees put forward a weaker effort on Wednesday, handling four singles and a double and giving the Tigers coach Matthew Boyd the game of his life ; He set a personal best with 13 strikeouts at 6¹ / ₃. Gary Sanchez made his fourth mistake, all shots, in his five games. Their best exchange, with a round and the Yankees in the first and second round of the third inning, ended when Gleyber Torres' ball hit Judge baseball on the foot, registering an improbable third.

If the Yankees can attribute much of what happened this first week to bad luck, they will not be able to do it with the very likely move from Tulowitzki to the IL. The 34-year-old, who has played in 66 games played in 2017 and at zero last year, has always represented a huge risk as a substitute for the player at regular stoppage Didi Gregorius. Hail Mary Pass, in front of the reception desk, did not land.

That's why the new wave of Baby Bombers, Tyler Wade, takes over at second base as Torres slips to a halt. Clint Frazier, field hitter and appointed in place of Stanton. Wednesday's striker Jonathan Loaisiga had four tough runs. If they do not arrive with the pedigrees of the judge, Sanchez and Severino, they are not projected companions. At least some must reach their potential.

"We told everyone [in spring training] that everyone will have an impact on this team, "said the judge. "You do not know when your time will be called to play and play for us. … It sucks that it's so early in the season, it's going to happen, but the guys are going to intensify. That's all it is.

They left Wednesday night in Baltimore to try to avenge their defeat in the first set against the Orioles. They must at least win the series, is not it? They must start feeling better before leaving Charm City for Houston, where the Astros (who, to be honest, start slowly) will wait with real alignment.

The Yankees left Tampa with so many promises, despite the alarming number of injuries. They leave New York less than two weeks later with worries and words of hope forced.

"I'm going to hang my hat on our group and I know we will fight and get things done," said Boone.

They have three games to start this return to respectability.

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