There are 200 million dollars of Tesla cars in this image

Tesla is preparing to ship a large number of Tesla vehicles to Europe as part of its expansion of Model 3 sales to the old continent.

As we announced earlier this month, Tesla received its first massive shipment of Model 3 vehicles to the port of Zeebrugge for deliveries to Europe, which began a day later.

Chief Executive Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla had encountered difficulties in handling the cargo at the port.

Subsequently, we learned that Tesla had terminated its contract with a third party to prepare Model 3 vehicles for delivery to port in Europe to perform the task themselves.

The automaker has since attempted to step up its delivery efforts in Europe and Musk announced last night that Tesla had about 4,000 cars ready to be shipped to Europe.

He shared this awesome picture of vehicles sitting at San Francisco Harbor before being loaded into the boat:

With a conservative average of $ 50,000 per vehicle, that represents $ 200 million worth of Tesla cars parked at the Port of San Francisco.

Several other shipments are already under way to Europe and China.

Musk attempted to register Tesla's production rhythm in the company's production schedule:

Of course, the CEO meant "0 cars" outside the Roadster and 500,000 vehicles should be the production rate by the end of the year and not the total production in 2019.

Tesla has roughly doubled its production capacity each year over the last 5 years.

Electrek's Take

It is an impressive image.

This is essentially a week of producing Model 3 in a single photo. Just a year ago, Tesla's production would have lasted several months.

I know we often give Tesla a difficult time for their production delays, but we have to admit that the growth is impressive.

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