"There have been a lot of deaths this year" – BGR

We are just under three weeks away from the first and last season of the eighth and final season of HBO. Game of thrones April 14, and the net of fresh details on the season begins to become a small stream.

The latest addition to the growing collection of exciting new information about the latest season of the series is a new interview with Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), who announces some disturbing developments in her comments. Weekly entertainment, in which she promised this about what we have in store: "There are many deaths this year."

In the new interview, Williams then talks about the arc of his character and the rebirth of his bond with Sansa Stark over the last six episodes of the series. This season also aims to scramble the scenarios and close things. The actress naturally noted that she thought back to previous seasons.

I wanted Arya to go around and try to regain some form of normalcy, as when she was younger. By and large, this year, she has the dual personality: there are so many emotions and memories coming back when you're with your family, and the things you fight for are becoming very different, but she's staying on this as well. way to try to kill Cersei and remember his list and get close to that. So, there is a split with Arya between trying to be what she wants to be – to go back to naivety and innocence with her family – and unfinished business.

Williams adds that for such an entertainment franchise to be successful, there is really no way to conclude it to satisfy all viewers. But she thinks that overall they have blocked the landing. "I think the way we finish is right. And I think the time has come. "

The interview has other memories and reminiscences of the actress who, during the last season, will be represented during her first major battle sequence. This battle is one of the most anticipated events of the season, breaking records as the longest action sequence ever shot for a TV show or movie.

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