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Back in the day, finding a flat screen TV for less than $ 1,000 was quite unheard of apart from the strong discounts on Black Friday. But now you have a lot of options in the three-digit range, including one of the our favorite TCL 4K TVs, the 6 Series, currently on sale at Walmart at the best price we've ever seen for 55 and 65 inch sizes.

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The 65-inch model of the TCL 6 series originally cost $ 1,300 and was around $ 1,000 for months. The weekend of Black Friday, it dropped to $ 950 and is now even more affordable, especially considering its size. The 55-inch model, which originally cost $ 800, is now only $ 580, up from $ 630.

Consider the TV that we named best in this category: the P series of Vizio. If you wanted to get the 65-inch model of this TV, you would have a price of $ 1,238.50. And if you're looking for a 55-inch TV, the Vizio is only $ 748 (yes, $ 100 less than the 65-inch TCL). That's why our in-house TV testing experts have all agreed that, at this price point, the TCL is without a doubt the best TV you can get in the price range.

No matter what size you want (or have room for), you can get a crazy offer on every model right now. They are also available on Amazon for the same price, but Walmart could be the best choice. Why? Because they can come pick up for free in store tomorrow and you do not have to worry about anything damaged during shipping.

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