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These games deserve a place in the online library NES Switch

At the end of the month, 46 games will be available in the NES library of Nintendo Switch Online. There will be 52 if you count those that are only published for the Famicom library of service in Japan. Most of the most famous games of this era have already been imported, but this number still represents only a fraction of the more than 700 games originally offered for the console, many of which are worth seeing. .

Switch Online was launched last September with 20 NES games, including classics like THE legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. 3. Nintendo has continued to develop the library with a handful of new games each month since. Recently, however, picking has weakened, almost as if the program, less than a year old, was out of breath.

Punch-Out !!, Star Soldier, and Super Mario Bros .: Lost Levels (which was originally sold as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan) arrived at the service in April. In May, Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong Jr., and Against. Excitebike were added, followed in June by Double Dragon II: revenge, City connection, and Volleyball. No offense to the City connection Super fans there, but these are not exactly games to play absolutely.

Last night, Nintendo announced the July games. This time, there are only two: Demolition team and Donkey Kong 3, in case your appetite to climb ladders and avoid barrels would not be satisfied with others Donkey Kong games already available. This could help if Nintendo started using the SNES game library, which may have aged a lot better. That would mean that Nintendo could start wearing games like The legend of Zelda: a link to the past and Super Metroid in my opinion, the best portable console ever made. Attached to the land, one of the most charming and breathtaking games of all time, is currently stuck on the new 3DS and Wii U virtual consoles after being MIA for more than ten years.

Eliminator Boat DuelCover art alone is worthy of a return.
Photo: Moby Games

There is no reason for these SNES games to come at the expense of the rest of the NES games that are still waiting to be sent back to the Styx River for a new life. Some candidates for this trip are obvious, as Tetris, one of the most popular games ever made. Others are more of an acquired taste, as Marble madness, where the fact that they lack modern equivalents makes their absence even more painful.

I also have some personal favorites of the time. Hudson Soft Adventure Island, who talks about a boy who overcomes the elements by drinking wild fruits and shredding rocks like a pro on his skateboard, and Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II, Which one is on a knight with a weakness for the game and a penchant for losing his helmet. They remain quite delicious, despite their pitiless difficulty. Maniac Manor, Teenage Ninja Turtles II, Eliminator Boat Duel, and Destiny of an emperor also, all feel like must-haves, to name a few. It would be a pity if we do not get them.

Part of Switch Online's promise was to make up for the lack of a virtual console by having a Netflix-esque retro games library, playable on demand for a low monthly subscription. This has already been somewhat eroded, with publishers taking the initiative to publish their own back catalogs through more expensive collections. It sounds like a long shot now that Mega Man will come to the NES library with the Mega Man Legacy Collection there, or we'll see Castlevania there now that the Castlevania Collection exist. It's the same thing for Contra. And as far as Metal gear? Well, with Konami, who knows?

Although it is unrealistic to expect more obscure third-party games, such as Conquest of the Crystal Palace, developed in part by Yasumi Matsuno of Tactics Ogre, or Supremacy: that your will be done, an interstellar military simulation, there are still many treasures to discover in the court of Nintendo. Evil world, a mad person Pac-ManThis game, similar to a labyrinth developed jointly by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, was finally integrated into the Wii Virtual Console in North America in 2008, more than two decades after its original release in Japan. His winged demon holder appears in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Maybe the game should come to the switch.

In any case, I say it's too early for Nintendo to stop working on Switch Online's NES library. The 3DS currently has 64 NES games available for sale on the eShop. The switch can certainly do better than that.

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