These larger and less expensive third-party switches promise better grip and better customization of Joy-Con


Nyko Dualies

The maker of third party gaming accessories, Nyko, has revealed the Nyko Dualies – a pair of Joy-Con alternatives that is expected to hit the market next month.

The Joy-Con controllers of the Nintendo Switch are amazing technologies in many ways, with more features that game developers do not seem to know what to do, but they are not without problems. We noticed that users with larger hands, in particular, had trouble grasping the Joy-Con, sometimes with cramps. Well, these new third-party deals are aimed at solving this problem, and their design certainly intrigues us.

Equipped with a "multifunctional movement control" and a rumble return, the Dualies aim to replace almost entirely the Joy-Con. Nyko said the controllers are "compatible with most Switch titles" and that "the wider, rounded edges provide better grip, especially when you play sideways, offering more comfort and improved ergonomics" . Interestingly, it's the first time that a third-party Joy-Con can work with the switch without being connected to the console. You can see some pictures below.


The controllers themselves include a Type C cable with a 56Kohm resistor, allowing you to charge your Dualies "quickly and safely". Of course, these controllers will not stand on the side of your switch and will not take advantage of the load once connected. You also get detachable thumbcaps when you purchase, allowing you to customize your setup by precisely adjusting the length and size of the controller.


The controllers would launch "this holiday" and the lists have now appeared on Amazon (although this appears to be out of stock at the time of writing) and on Nyko's official website. The suggested price of Dualies is $ 49.99, which is $ 30 less than the official Nintendo game.

Do you like the look of these big controllers? Do you think you might find them useful when playing your favorite games? Let us know below with a comment.


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