They challenged the New York vaccination order. Now, consequences



The parents of three children from separate Brooklyn households found guilty of committing a measles vaccination order liable to the first fine for such a case for at least a century, reports Washington Post. Health officials in New York City sent invitations to parents Thursday after discovering that their children had been exposed to measles but had not been vaccinated by the end of last week, according to NBC New York. $ 1,000 fines apply if the summons is confirmed at the hearing. Health officials also closed four schools that did not meet the immunization requirements.

Also on Thursday, a judge overturned a lawsuit filed by five parents who had attempted to oppose the order that governed certain postal codes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They argued that the worst measles outbreak in New York in 28 years (359 confirmed cases Wednesday, compared to 329 Monday), was not dangerous enough to justify it. "A firefighter does not need to get the informed consent of the homeowner before extinguishing the fire of a home," retorted Judge Lawrence Knipel, Gothamist reported. "Vaccination is known to extinguish the fire of contagion." Health officials expect the epidemic to worsen because the onset of symptoms can take up to three weeks. (Read more stories about measles.)

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