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They fear that Bravo adds an "ally" to her – Hollywood Life

The cast of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" does not feel comfortable with the fact that Lisa Vanderpump does not return to the show next season and thinks that the network still has surprises.

Lisa Vanderpump, 58, has certainly caused a wrinkle in the Real housewives from beverly hills when she decided not to come back for her 10th season, and we are now learning that cast members are tired of the future because they are not convinced that she is completely cutting ties. "Women always think that Lisa is not going away forever and that they know that her relationships with the network are solid. So they know that maybe they'll try to keep Lisa and make him an ally. fear of losing their jobs ", said EXCLUSIVELY a source close to the production HollywoodLife. "It's still too early to say who will stay and who will go for next season."

In addition to leaving the series, Lisa did not show up for the Season 9 meeting, which caused some frustration among some cast members. "The ladies of RHOBH disappointed and surprised that Lisa Vanderpump does not show up, "said an EXCLUSIVE source. "They all thought she was going to show and they all wanted to have the chance to talk to her calmly." Since the infamous "puppy scandal" Lisa even a lie detector test, which Lisa spent at the end of the ninth season. Now that Lisa does not plan to continue the show, things are not settled yet.

Although the problems of the past season to solve seem to concern the Lucy Lucy Apple Juice rescue dog, Kyle Richards, 50, insisted that the quarrel with Lisa made a lot more sense and was in the making for years. "That's pretty much what's been going on for years, like the introduction of things, and the truth is that I said that at the meeting, which I'm not supposed to say Lisa RinnaI could almost understand it because they did not like each other. They had problems, "said Kyle during the episode of Jenny McCarthy"Podcast". "But she's supposed to be one of her best friends … It was not about the dog, it was just a motive."

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