Thielen's agent "cautiously optimistic" about the new deal

Adam Thielen represents one of the biggest business of the football world.

The Pro Bowler, which has already doubled its records and totaled 1,373 yards in 2018, is expected to receive a base salary of $ 5.85 million in 2019. Thielen's $ 8.1 million cap places it below receivers such as Marquise Lee, Albert Wilson and Michael Crabtree. .

By breaking down the entire four-year contract, worth $ 19.246 million, signed in 2017, Thielen seems even more underpaid. On an annual basis ($ 4.81 million), Thielen earns less than Torrey Smith ($ 5 million), Allen Hurns ($ 5.5 million), Taylor Gabriel ($ 6.5 million), Jordy Nelson 75 years ($ 7.1 million). M), Paul Richardson ($ 8M) and so on.

It is undeniable that Thielen has proved that it is worth more than his current contract relates to it. The question is whether the Vikings want to reward him for a new contract in the remaining two years.

Thielen's agent, Blake Baratz, told SKOR North radio that an extension could be scheduled for this off season, but that the big gap does not stand up to forcing the hand of the Vikings.

"Adam is not that kind of person," said Baratz, via Courtney Cronin of ESPN. "I would never tolerate that a player hold or disturb if it was for a very valid reason, and [what’s not] For me, a good reason is that both parties work in good faith to reach a conclusion that makes sense to everyone. "

At present, the Vikings do not have a lot of cover space, with just over $ 7 million per Over The Cap. An expansion would probably try to reduce Thielen's $ 8.1 million limit for this season.

Apart from the suspension of his services, Thielen has little leverage. The Vikings could decide – as do several teams – not to reach an agreement before the last season of the contract, forcing the 28-year-old to play a less than brilliant contract for another year. With the team in a strong position, there is also the danger, from Thielen's point of view, of signing another extension that might again seem silly.

"This team has a lot of good things in place, and I know that she wants to take care of Adam and I know that they want Adam and I want them to reward Adam "said Baratz.

"What exactly does that look like and when that happens, I can not talk about it yet, but I'm cautiously optimistic that everyone is coming and doing the right thing."

"There is no – no one is greedy." Everyone understands the situation and it's really in their court. He still has a few years on his contract, but he's gained an increase He is one of the best people in the National Football League and represents the city, the organization, the state and, Frankly, incredibly the area. "

The contrast on Thielen's own team shows just how much the former All-Pro Wideout is underpaid. Stefon Digges has signed a five-year extension worth $ 72 million in the last half, with $ 40 million guarantees.

The difficult situation for Thielen and the Vikings highlights the inherent difficulty of a player who is shocked by a local attempt to turn into a Pro Bowl star to recover the real value of his performances.

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