Things to do in Denver when you're injured: Rockies 4, Phillies 3 on the starting pitch in the 12th inning


Velasquez was brilliant for five innings, scattering four hits on seven strikeouts, but things took a turn at the sixth. A double from Trevor Story and consecutive doubles tied the match at 2 and ended the Velasquez night. He had to face a runner at every round, but kept the Rockies silent for five minutes.

Unfortunately, German Marquez did the same thing with the Phillies. Rhys Hoskins led in Andrew McCutchen in the first, and JT Realmuto scored Bryce Harper with a fly bag in the fifth, and that was all.

The Phils counter was solid, allowing only one hit in six innings of work … a draw against Charlie Blackmon. Who, man, is talking about disappointment. A victory of a second victory this year and it is gone.

Harper finished with five wins at the height of his career. A few seconds before doubling RBI in the twelfth, Franzke and Frandsen were discussing how he had equaled his four successes at that time, and Frandsen said, "Let's see the story."

The wound virus hit again. Scott Kingery, who started in the place of injured Jean Segura, had to finish fifth with a hamstring strain. McCutchen had a sixth-place finish, moved to second place on Phil Gosselin's single and refined his knee. Coming after the injury of Segura Tuesday and Odubel Herrera in IL (I still have trouble doing with it is not the DL) Thursday. Four key player injuries in four days. It's a difficult event for all teams, not to mention the four-game division.

This one hurts. But oh well. Forward. Thank you for staying late with us. Drinks in boat.

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