Third base player Mike Moustakas returns to Brewers

The third-person free player, Mike Moustakas, is back at the Milwaukee Brewers for a $ 10 million one-year contract, confirmed Sunday a league source at Jeff Passan of ESPN. There is a mutual option the second year.

Athletic was the first to report the agreement.

Moustakas, left-handed, beat .251 with 28 homers and 95 RBIs in 152 games in 2018 with the Kansas City Royals and Brewers. He touched .256 with eight homers and 33 RBIs with the Brewers after being last-placed Royals on July 27 and helped strengthen Milwaukee for their stretching stretch from NL's center.

Moustakas became a big hit with Brewers fans and teammates in their bid to qualify for the World Series. They appreciated his strong third base defense and his left-hand shot was crucial to getting Milwaukee to the NL Division series. At the clubhouse, his concentrated behavior and extensive playoff experience have made him a source of stability for a playoff club for the first time since 2011.

The most useful player of the week, Christian Yelich, expressed his enthusiasm for the return of Moustakas in the brewing team.

Moustakas helped Kansas City reach the World Series twice, including his 2015 championship, and used this crucial playoff experience as a key and powerful presence in the Milwaukee formation.

Moustakas beat .364 in a three-game Colorado Rockies sweep in the NLDS with two RBIs. He scored a goal late in the game with two outings in category 10 at the 10th inning of match 1 and a single in the series at the 8th inning of the second game to help open what had been a 1-0 match .

In total, Moustakas, 30, averaged .217 with six homers and 18 RBIs in 41 games in nine sets.

The playoffs in Milwaukee ended a turbulent year for Moustakas, who started off with a disappointing season.

After establishing the Royals' home season record with a record of 38 in 2017 and being named AL comeback player, Moustakas has applied for the freestyle title. He rejected a qualifying offer of $ 17.4 million in November 2017.

Moustakas has never received the multi-year mega-contract that he and his agent, Scott Boras, had planned. The Royals signed a $ 6.5 million contract with Moustakas for a year in March, with a mutual option for 2019.

"It was certainly an interesting year, but I am very happy with how everything went," said Moustakas in October. "I was able to sign with Kansas City, I've been traded here and now I'm back in the playoffs – it's all going for a reason."

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