This 1980s copy of Super Mario Bros. is one of the most expensive video games in history

As President's Day began in 1885 as a celebration celebrating George Washington, it has now gained prominence in recognizing all the executive leaders in US history with 44 members. If you really feel like a patriot, take a look at these 11 incredible products inspired by some of the most distinguished leaders who will occupy the highest office in the United States and do not hesitate to offer them to your future favorite politician.

1. George Washington's Tooth Magnet

George Washington's illustrious hair may have been quite real, but his teeth certainly were not. In fact, Washington had more than a real tooth in his head when he was sworn in to the presidency and he wore several sets of prostheses throughout his life (although no d & # 39; Between them is wood, as the legend claims). Mount Vernon has one of the last surviving sets, consisting of human teeth and cow teeth, in its collection, and fans can get a copy of the historic engravers in the form of a fridge magnet.

Buy it George Washington at Mount Vernon for $ 10.

2. John Adams Mouse Pad

Compared to other founding fathers, John Adams does not receive much love. There are reasons, however, to admire this pugnacious leader: he may be the second president of the nation, but he was unparalleled in distributing insults. If you are looking for a subtle way to pay tribute to Adams, this mouse pad will do the trick. After all, who does not want a president by their side in the office?

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3. Gift box of the founding fathers

If you are looking for other ways to honor the founding fathers, this commemorative gift box includes four heavy old-style goblets resembling the old-fashioned president, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and John Adams. Glasses – made in America – are the perfect way to toast the country's top leaders. They would also be a great accessory for your next Drunk history marathon. (Like many other kitchen products designed by politicians, Eddy Fishs, from elsewhere).

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4. Abraham Lincoln Chia Pet

Honest Abe is known for many things: leading the United States during the Civil War, abolishing slavery and, according to Hollywood, perhaps being a vampire hunter. However, we rarely celebrate his very lush head. (Some of them sold for $ 25,000 in 2015.) This Chia Pet Pet Planter offers a way to spice up your kitchen while respecting the classic elegance of the 16th President's silhouette. . The handmade statuette grows in one to two weeks in a presidential presidential chia hair head and includes quotes from President Lincoln transcribed on its sides.

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5. The Theodore Roosevelt Trilogy by Edmund Morris

This award-winning biographical trilogy on Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt of Edmund Morris and Pulitzer Prize-winning is a must-see for all TR fans. Written for over 30 years, this book is considered essential reading by any scholar of Roosevelt, and the game is well worth the effort. As The New York Times written in his account of the first volume of 1979, it is a "splendid galloping story of the great gallopeur. The ideas are lively. Pages turn quickly. There are few who will not get a more satisfying conception of the man, almost everyone thinks that he knows it … It's one of those rare works that is at the once definite for the period that she covers and fascinating to read for pure entertainment. "

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6. FDR Collection Baseball

Like many Americans, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had an intense love for baseball. He even argued that national time was an essential element of the morale of the Second World War, ensuring that the league could continue to play throughout the war. He made eight appearances during the opening day during his presidency, and this collectible baseball is a perfect monument for any of them. The custom ball features a photo of the FDR performing the first ceremonial throwing for the 1935 opening day game between the Washington Senators and Philadelphia Athletics at the Griffith Stadium in Washington, DC.

Buy it from the National Archives store for $ 7.

7. Ceramic tile "Dewey Defeats Truman"

The result of the 1948 presidential election between incumbent Democrat Harry S. Truman and Republican challenger Thomas E. Dewey was, in all respects, one of the greatest upheavals in the world. history. Almost all analysts at the time were wrong prediction, including the Chicago Daily Tribune (now just the Chicago Tribune), which led to the famous photo that helped cement forever the legacy of the elections in American politics and in the history of the media. If history connoisseurs would surely appreciate a copy of the newspaper, this option of the National Archives is a joyfully intelligent alternative.

Buy it from the National Archives store for $ 7.50

8. JFK Mug for President

For political history buffs and design enthusiasts, this mug recalls the campaign posters manufactured by John F. Kennedy when he was a presidential candidate in 1960. The mug is decorated with JFK's smiling mug as well as his "Leadership for the 60s". "slogan. (You can see one of the originals at the Library of Congress.)

Buy it from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum for $ 15.

9. Lyndon B. Johnson Bobblehead

Lyndon B. Johnson – who assumed the presidency after the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 – is best known for his "Great Society" programs and his role in passing laws such as the law on civil rights and health insurance. This bobblehead in his image of Royal Bobbles represents yet another aspect of LBJ: his love for dogs. Johnson and his family have often been photographed with their beloved Beagles, Him and Her, as well as the following White House pets Freckles, Edgar, Blanco and Yuki. (Royal Bobbles does not specify the dog on which this design is based.) At a height of over 8 inches, the bobble head comes with a collector's box to keep it blank because you will want to highlight it.

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10. Presidential IQ quiz

If you are like us, you like the good old questions and almost 250 years of presidential history have left us a whole series of facts to deal with. With 1,200 questions in different categories, including famous quotes, foreign affairs and geography, Presidential IQ is perfect for gaming nights.

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11. 1000-piece puzzle of American presidents

This puzzle of White Mountain illustrates the entire United States presidential chronology with portraits of each of the presidents and a map of remarkable historical sites relating to former leaders. In addition to stimulating your brain, it offers an excellent opportunity to plan your next presidential trip.

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