This 98 inch Samsung TV costs $ 50,000 off Black Friday and yes it’s a comma, not a period

The edge would have I appreciate it very much if you bought a certain Samsung TV today. We earn some of our money from affiliate income, and Black Friday in particular helps pay some bills! And only today this particular television is fifty thousand dollars off. That should make it easier for you, right?

Do you think it’s a typo? A pricing error, maybe a scam where you will owe the full amount after all is said and done? Nope! It’s just that the 98 inch Q900 normally costs $ 100,000, and Samsung is making it a win-win for everyone (especially us!) By giving it away halfway.

Wait, you tell me that you born have $ 50,000 for a new TV? How are you going to afford a 98 inch 8K TV with that kind of thinking? You can’t, of course: At a bargain price of $ 50,000, Samsung ultimately undermined Sony’s 98-inch 8K TV, which costs $ 60,000. If you want to cover your wall more with beautiful pixels than your neighbors, you will have to commit!

OK, OK, I get it, you want something more at your speed. We are not all made of money! 88 inches will have to do the trick, yes. You get your LG OLED display, 8K resolution, only $ 29,996.99. Did I mention you can cut a $ 1,500 coupon and present it at checkout? In our experience, that is certainly what people do when they buy $ 30,000 televisions.

What an economy!

Now seriously: here are the best Black Friday deals we’ve found on TV.

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