This city has more Michelin stars than any other


(CNN) – The Michelin Guide, the famous bible of French restaurants, has confirmed what most travelers already think: Tokyo is the first food destination in the world.

The Tokyo 2019 Michelin Guide, released this week, has distributed stars to 230 restaurants in the Japanese capital. Of these, 13 received three stars – the highest designation. There are 52 two-star restaurants and 165 one-star restaurants.

The new Tokyo guide also highlights 254 Bib Gourmand restaurants – restaurants that serve "excellent cuisine at moderate prices", as well as 35 hotels and ryokans.

All this leaves Tokyo far ahead of its southern Japanese rivals. The "Kyoto Osaka 2019 Michelin Guide" has 203 starred restaurants. Paris, meanwhile, has 113 starred restaurants.

Created in 1900 as a travel guide for the first motorists in France, the Michelin Guide has evolved to become an international authority in gastronomy.

Today, the collection includes 28 titles in more than 25 countries.

Just a new 3-star restaurant

L'Osier, a French gourmet restaurant founded in 1973, has been promoted from two to three stars in the 2019 edition of the Michelin Guide in Tokyo.

This is the only new restaurant on the list of three stars.

Kanda, Quintessence, Joel Robuchon and Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten have maintained their three – star status each year since the first edition of the guide published in Tokyo in 2007.

The 2019 version also puts for the first time forward Okinawa cuisine and onigiri – a traditional sushi rice ball, with or without garnish, and often wrapped in nori.

The Ryukyu Chinese Dining Tama (Okinawa cuisine) and Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku – Tokyo's oldest onigiri restaurant – made their first appearance in the guide, in the Bib Gourmand section.

Tokyo 2019 Michelin Guide: Three Star Restaurants

Kohaku (Japanese)

Sushi Saito (Sushi)

Makimura (Japanese)

Azabu Yukimura (Japanese)


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