This "Finisher" Octane Must Be Added Immediately to Apex Legends | Dexerto

A fan of Apex Legends has created a finisher for the new Octane Legend that looks good enough to be added to the game of tomorrow.

Octane is the latest addition to Apex's Legends lineup, and the first added to the game since its launch. Junkie of adrenaline and former daredevil, Octane talks about speed and momentum using his Stim and Launch Pad abilities to navigate the map.

The addition of a new character still inspires a bit of creativity in the fans, and the Apex Legends player u / Hexedz made it impossible to animate a whole new "finish" move for Octane that would not look bad in its place if it had been made by Respawn. is.

Finishers want to eliminate enemies with style. Although technically, they keep ammo compared to just shooting at your opponent after he has been shot down, finishers take several seconds to complete, during which time you are vulnerable to attack.

They are also interrupted by the damage. Thus, to finish one, you must have the opponent fully at your mercy, knowing that their teammates must still be alive – otherwise, they would bleed. Forcing an opponent to watch while you take the time to show while eliminating them may be the total lack of respect.

Respawn Entertainment

One of the finishers of Wraith ends with a punch in the face.

That's exactly what Octane does in the finisher of u / Hexedz, called "Running Circles", quickly looping around his enemy before eventually breaking his neck and posing in front of the camera.

The finisher was not only appreciated by fans, but even caught the eye of Respawn, with a developer who praised u / Hexedz for his work.

Unfortunately for fans of the movement, however, it is highly likely that it never appears in the game, even if many would deem it of sufficient quality.

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