This Google Fi offer gives you a Motorola Moto X4 for only $ 149


If you want to use Google Fi, you want to do everything possible to buy a device "designed for Fi". This small list of devices allows you to take full advantage of Google's wireless service, including access to seamless network switching, free Wi-Fi access points, sending SMS with RCS and a free VPN service.

However, most Google Fi phones are quite expensive. But not today! For a limited time, Google Fi offers a brand new Motorola Moto X4 for only $ 149, one of the lowest prices we have ever seen for this device.

The only drawback of this Google Fi offer is that you need to activate Moto X4 on a Google Fi account within 30 days of purchase. While this may be an obstacle for some, it's an agreement with Google Fi, so you have to expect it.

However, the clauses of the transaction indicate: "No minimum activation period is required to qualify for the discount." This means that you can ostensibly buy the device, activate it on Google Fi for a month, cancel the service and the device for $ 149. We do not say that you should do it, but Google's terms state that you can do it if you wish.

The Motorola Moto X4 comes with Android One, which means that it uses an Android version close to the stock. It also means that it will get updates faster than many other devices. For example, the Moto X4 is already scalable to Android 9 Pie.

Click the button below to enter this Google Fi offer as long as it lasts!


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