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This is the Tesla Model 3 that Tesla does not want you to buy

Since Tesla's Model 3 was unveiled, special attention has been paid to the entry-level price of the highly coveted Tesla car.

At $ 35,000 before incentives, the standard model 3 lineup was to be Tesla's Model 3 for everyone. Many also thought that the car indicated that Tesla was financially sound and made profits on its vehicles.

The orders for the standard model 3 range were launched earlier this year, along with those for the standard plus range – a slightly more premium version of the standard range with slightly better performance, range and what Tesla calls an interior " partially premium ". It cost $ 2,000 more than the standard Model 3 range and deliveries started almost immediately

The standard Tesla 3 model range, however, did not start delivering immediately – and by the end of last week, Tesla announced that it was not going to make the planned variant of its standard range at all. In its place, a standard software-locked Plus range with the specifications of the standard range.

It will still cost you $ 35,000 – but to get one, you will have to go through a few steps. It's almost as if Tesla did not want you to buy it.

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