This is the worst thing that Donald Trump told Andrew McCabe

These are all things that reasonable people can disagree with.

There is something about which no one should disagree: Donald Trump's intimidation of McCabe's wife, Jill, is unbecoming, impresidential and simply awful.

Jill McCabe, pediatrician in an emergency room, has submitted her candidacy for the Senate as a Democrat against a Republican named Dick Black in 2015. McCabe has lost – although she, like a number of candidates Democrats in Virginia during this election, received contributions from the Democratic era. Governor Terry McAuliffe. (The McAuliffe super PAC has donated nearly $ 500,000 to McCabe's campaign.)

These two facts – 1) McCabe's wife introduced herself as a Democrat and 2) McAuliffe made a major contribution – stuck in Trump's flood, especially after it became apparent that Andrew McCabe would not be an ally of his war against the so-called "deep state" within the Ministry of Justice.

Starting in the summer of 2017, Trump published dozens of tweets suggesting that Jill McCabe's candidacy – and McAuliffe's gift – proved in one way or another that Andrew McCabe had been gentle with Clinton and worked against Trump.

"The problem is that the acting head of the FBI and the Hillary investigation leader, Andrew McCabe, have received $ 700,000 of H for women," Trump tweeted in July 2017.

In December of this year, Trump tweeted this: "How the FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe, responsible, with the leak of James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including his 33,000 illegally erased emails) can he pour $ 700,000 into the campaign his wife by Clinton Puppets during the investigation? "
In an interview given to "60 Minutes" on Sunday, McCabe revealed new details about the beginning of his wife's intimidation by Trump – and about the wickedness of the US president. Here's the key exchange between McCabe and Scott Pelley, of CBS, about a call from the newly installed interim FBI president, received from the President of the United States:

Andrew McCabe (quoting Trump): "How was it when your wife lost her race in the Senate? It must have been very difficult to lose." And I said, "Well, it's hard to lose anything, but my wife has refocused her efforts on her career." And he then said, "Ask him what it was like to lose, it must be hard to be a loser."

Scott Pelley: What did you think?

Andrew McCabe: No man wants to hear someone call his wife a loser, especially me. My wife is a wonderful, brilliant and dedicated doctor who has been trying to help her community. So, she is not a loser. It was just intimidation. So, rather than arguing with the President of the United States, we said, "OK, sir." And we hung up and ended the call.

Here are some great things about silverback gorillas, right?

The President of the United States has no reason to qualify as the wife of the acting director of the FBI – as part of a campaign for the legislature of a state that has been completed two years ago! – unless Trump seeks to assert his dominion. It's a movement I-am-the-alpha. Clear and simple.

It is also intimidation. Can you imagine that your boss is calling and asking you to ask your wife what it is to lose? That's your boss, so you can not tell him exactly where he can go unless you do not want to work there anymore. What your boss knows, of course. That's why he asked the question. To make you decide if the defense of your wife's honor is worth your work. And do very clear who is the best dog Him.

It's bad, right? Now imagine if the boss is the president of the United States. And the NCO is the most powerful responsible for law enforcement in the country. Even worse, given the power dynamics – and the stakes.

Trump replied with a tweet on Tuesday:

"I never said anything bad about Andrew McCabe 's wife, if it was not that she should not have taken a lot of money campaign from a Crooked Hillary source when Clinton was under FBI investigation. "McCabe invented the lie)!

Who can be! But if the past is a prologue – and it is – Trump has absolutely called Jill McCabe "loser". Why would McCabe be right now?

This is of course Trump. He's been bullied and bragged in life – and up to the White House. There is absolutely no reason to think that he would have stopped this kind of rude behavior when he became president.

But that does not mean we should normalize it. Presidents should not act this way. Hell, nobody should act that way.

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