This Is Us final: the creator explains the shock caused by Jack's brother, Nicky

Warning: this story contains details of the plot of Tuesday's episode That's us"The beginning is the end is the beginning"

Do you remember all this mystery about this Pearson man who died tragically years ago? Well, here is a twist to shout during the holidays: he is no longer dead!

No, we're not talking about Jack, beloved father of the Big Three who perished from a heart attack via a smoke inhalation via a home rescue operation – we're talking about Nicky (Michael Angarano), the little one troubled and wanted brother of Jack's death who was thought to have died in combat during the Vietnam War. However, the autumn finale of That's us, entitled "The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning", introduced you to the greatest Whoa-MG moment of the fall, which cast a tiny but precious light on what happened to Jack's younger brother in action. A boat that he appeared to be on was bombarded, pushing Jack – who had spent the last two weeks trying desperately to rehabilitate his battered younger brother – to dive frantically into the water to save him. We do not know what happened next. it was the last glimpse we had of this time of terror. But as Kevin – on a mission in the Vietnamese fishing village where Jack lived – discovered through his tour guide, Trong, that Nicky had not died during the war, at least according to the veteran's records. Vietnam War. Whether he was alive or not was another question.

And viewers did not have to wait long to get a definitive answer to this new question. The final scene of the episode showed an older man in a trailer … and a pile of mail addressed to Nicholas Pearson. Yes, apparently Nicky is here, and the Pearsons are about to suffer the (last) shock of their lives. How did Jack know this secret? What would a Pearson family meeting with Nicky look like? Does Nicky know what's going on in his brother's family? Dan Fogelman, creator of the series, is here to talk about Nicky's miraculous rise – and what could happen next. "

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT: Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan. Have you felt that since you took Jack, we should at least get his brother back?
[[[[Laughs.]Very well. As for recovering his brother, there is a story to come in the second half of the season, and we'll see what it looks like and what it means. But we can never have enough Pearson men, that 's what we say here.

Did Michael know from the start that Nicky was not really dead and what was his reaction?
Michael has known the arc of history since the beginning. There has been a group of people who have always suspected, in one way or another, that this could be a possibility, and I do not know where Michael has landed on this from the beginning. From the beginning, we tell all actors what is the arc of the characters and where he is heading, so they do not have much time to think otherwise.

The idea that Jack cried a brother who was alive – and that he was carrying this guilt for the rest of his life – is almost impossible to swallow. What intrigued you in this scenario and did it also tear you apart in the writers' room?
Yeah. If, as we say, Nicky is alive and Jack has won, it's not quite mourning as much as: what happened to him and what did Jack hide, and why? Psychologically, this is an important part of what we are approaching quite quickly in the second half of the season. What's not just what happened, not just where is and what happened to Nicky, but also what happened with Jack all that time? What Jack knew – or did not know? And then, the last point is: Nowadays, when things begin to be revealed to their family, what is the reaction of family members who learn that something has been hidden from them for a very long time?

So, can we assume that Jack did not know that his brother was dead? Or is it possible that Nicky joined him later in life?
Right now, as an audience, anything is possible. We have a very specific story that will answer all of this fairly quickly. It was a story that had been decided before we really got into the details of our Vietnamese bow, and so, once you understood what happened and what was known or not, all that will make sense. But I think for the moment, if I only watch the episode that has just aired, I think anything is possible. As we approach the next episodes, the songs will begin to gather for everyone.

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