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David Ortiz wants answers.

The Boston Red Sox legend launches its own investigation into the June 9 shootings, which has been hospitalized for nearly two months, spokesman Joe Baerlein told reporters Aimee Ortiz and Bob Hohler of the Boston Globe. David Ortiz hired Ed Davis, former commissioner of the Boston Police Department, to build a team of private investigators and send them to the Dominican Republic, where the shooting took place. Ortiz seeks above all to determine a motive for his shot.

"He's damn interested in finding out what's really happened," Baerlein said.

The Dominican law enforcement authorities claim that Mr. Ortiz was shot and injured in a misidentification affair and that he was not the target of the conspiracy to kill on the lease. Authorities arrested 14 people suspected of participating in the shooting. Another suspect is still on the run.

However, the authorities' account of the shootings remains skeptical, largely because of the changing history of the perpetrators, widespread corruption in the country and mistrust of the police.

According to Baerlein, the police still have not convinced Ortiz that his findings reflect the truth about his ordeal.

"David is closely monitoring government and police investigations," Baerlein said. "For a long time, he had no reason to challenge their theory of false identity. However, as new facts continue to emerge, there is optimism about the conclusions that can be drawn before it is finally explained why David was shot. "

David Ortiz now wants Davis, who was the largest police officer in Boston between 2006 and 2013, to lead a team of investigators from the United States and the Dominican Republic to monitor the situation and control activities. law enforcement on the ground, according to Holder and Aimee Ortiz.

Meanwhile, David Ortiz will continue his efforts to fully recover from the life-threatening incident.

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