"This Life" by Vampire Weekend Review


On a song like "Hannah Hunt" from the 2013 Vampire Weekend album Modern vampires of the cityEzra Koenig cleverly tells a story with a twisted chorus that adds lightness to a rather dark affair: "Although we lived with the American dollar / You and I, we had our own sense of time. on "This Life", the third single from Vampire Weekend & # 39; s The father of the bride. "Baby, I know the pain is as natural as rain / I thought it was not raining in California," Koenig sings about an unpleasant guitar and applause. "This life," like anything else in the Vampire Weekend catalog, is a flawless boil that is revealed in his mind and spiritual uncertainty.

Like previous "Harmony Hall" and "Sunflower", "This Life" encompasses a brighter and richer palette than previous Vampire Weekend music. It's a bit like Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl," and the looser elements like Danielle Haim's low twangy and harmony add a good dose of camp to the single. But on the chorus, Koenig goes to the heart of the conflict. He interpolates the hook of iLoveMakonnen's "Tonight" ("You cheated, hung on me / I cheated for cheating on you"). Koening is a big thief of hooks and excels at shedding light on dark words. Here, there is a love interest and a difficult relationship, but Koenig takes the opportunity to self-assess: "But I've cheated in this life / And all his suffering / Oh, Christ / I'm good for nothing? His sweet ecstatic and desperate prayer seems to remain unanswered.

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