This man bought $ 540 of cookies so the scouts could escape the cold


At one point, a man approached the booth and bought seven boxes of cookies worth $ 40 and told them to keep the change, according to cookies manager Kayla Dillard.

Then he went back to the table and said, "Pack all your cookies, I'll take them all so you can get out of this cold," Dillard said in a Facebook post. He spent $ 540 on biscuits, she said.

"What an incredible soul, it was about 34 degrees outside of the night and we were there about two hours before he arrived," Dillard told CNN.

"We were all shocked, the girls were very excited and grateful."

Dillard said that she did not know the good Samaritan. But his gesture of kindness has certainly earned him a long-standing place in the hearts of girls.

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