This may be the strange logo of Google's new game delivery service


Google's exhibition at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday seems to be teasing some sort of material related to its widespread video game streaming service, though its logo is similar to Doritos's and the wifi symbol has a strange child in love. .

An on-site Google representative confirmed to Gizmodo that the logo was associated with a major event tomorrow, in which the company would unveil its "vision for the future of the game", and that Variety reports being a kind of material from streaming for video games. As Variety notes, Google is testing a Project Stream service that broadcasts Assassin's Creed: Odyssey to users without installation requirement since last year, and the magazine found that the company had filed patents that appeared to be related to streaming game controllers. Variety also found that code already running on Chromecast devices includes code snippets that refer to streaming integration of the game.

A retrospective exhibition of Google's history of games (and an empty case called "Coming Soon") is being shown outside the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 18, 2019.

Variety wrote that Google had set up an additional exhibit featuring historical game material, accompanied by an empty showcase titled "Coming Soon":

The exhibition is a kind of small video game museum featuring a chronology of video game highlights, including Pong, GameBoy, PlayStation, DreamCast, an Atari 2600 displays, and an empty showcase to receive a card showing " Coming Soon. A backdrop reads, "Together we are building a playground for our imagination." The other reads, "Everything you can dream up can be built." In between, lies a massive arch with l & rsquo; Google icon at the top and a kind of flattening "S" hanging on the inside. A Google employee confirmed that it was the new logo of what was to be announced this week, but declined to specify whether it was an "S" . ".

A Google streaming box could appeal to users by not buying high-end hardware that allows them to play at high resolutions and detail settings, such as simply letting a server bank manage them. However, previous attempts at the technology have encountered technical limitations such as delay, latency, and buffering. (Beyond that, there is the obvious problem that users will not be able to play properly if they do not have access to a broadband Internet connection that never hangs, and features such as the modding would probably be thrown out the window.)

According to Gizmodo's sister site, Kotaku, various theoretical features floating in the rumor include compatibility between a wide range of devices, the integration of Twitch and YouTube and other ringtones. Regarding this logo? Could be worse, I suppose. [Variety]

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