This thread explains ADHD in a way that everyone should read


Image via Yashar Ali / Twitter

This is what is ADHD in adulthood Actually as

We talk a lot about ADHD when it comes to children. But what about adults? ADHD is a chronic mental illness, which means that it does not go away once you reach adulthood. What is the life of adults with ADHD?

As it turns out, it can be really difficult. We probably could have guessed it because there is no easy mental illness. However, mental health is still strongly stigmatized, and although people are increasingly vocal about anxiety and depression, adult ADHD is still not part of the conversation.

Yashar Ali, a freelance journalist who contributed to HuffPo and New York magazine, took on him to fight some of this stigma alone. Ali is an adult with ADHD and, in a must read, explained some of the most common misconceptions about the disease and its impact on daily life.

Ali explains that he does not want to speak on behalf of all adults with ADHD because the illness manifests itself in different ways for different people.

But he continues by sharing some of his own personal experiences, that it is not unusual in adults with ADHD. It also calls this very tired "squirrel" joke that people are doing, that is capacitive and insensitive, and we definitely should have stopped making this joke now, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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