This triumph of the Yankees could not be more appropriate


The Yankees returned to first place on Sunday with the most deserved victory of the Yankees in 2019.

They started a first match, not the rays. They replaced their third thundering third baseman with the fourth player who opened the game. They used two new Triple-A runners on the depth table to cover seven of the nine innings.

The Yankees continued to be either the largest team of small markets in the majors, or the smallest club of large markets. What does not kill them extends them, at least with the alignment.

"The mentality here is an opportunity, not a setback," said Aaron Judge, a six-by-seven cheerleader.

The Yankees play Broadway with huge stars who win Tonys with mostly doubles. Among the heroes of the 13-5 win over the Rays, there was a guy nominated twice for an assignment this year to Kendrys Morales, a guy nominated for an assignment by the worst team (Baltimore) in the majors last year to Nelson Cortes Jr., the biggest disappointing 2018 prospect

Chance Adams and a guy who missed most of 2018 with a shot in the hip at Thairo Estrada.

"Nothing surprises me," said Adam Ottavino, grateful for how the Yankees reached 28-17 with a better supporting role after the other.

The good place to get an idea of ​​Sunday's victory is early. It was the first anniversary of the Rays who inaugurated their opening strategy. But in the final of this series, the Yankees started a looser at Chad Green while Tampa deployed Charlie Morton, second in the American League of the ER.

Green continued to play at home, allowing two passes in 1 ² / ₃ and Cortes allowed a three-pointer to the fifth batter. Tampa Bay led 5-3 in the third.

At that moment, the Yankees should have been in trouble. After all, between a Friday foot victory and a 11-round Saturday defeat and James Paxton's presence on the injured list, the Yankees "were not in the ideal. [pitching] "In the words of Aaron Boone, they had pushed their levers very hard and so the ball was going to find Cortes and Adams.

However, rather than disturbing things, the Yankees honored their 2019 theme in the strongest way, surpassing the Rays 10-0 from that point.

After the circuit of Brandon Lowe, Cortes allowed no other hit in his four innings. Adams allowed a shot in his three frames. Meanwhile, Ottavino – the single-lever take-off that Boone did not deploy on Saturday – got the best score of the game to maintain a 5-5 tie in the sixth. And in the bottom half, the Yankees had their biggest round of the season, scoring seven points.

This was accomplished by drawing five steps against the staff who had the lowest percentage of steps in the LA. And he came up with a break-it-open shot from Estrada, who was playing only because of a diabolical rebound of the ball.

In the third inning, Gio Urshela sent a ball into the ground that ricocheted in the groin. He descended into anxiety.

Think of this season of the Yankees who, on May 19, the more than 40,000 people at the stadium were "Oh no" for a guy they had never heard of a month ago.

Miguel Andujar and DJ LeMahieu were on the program. Third wounds, including in Andujar, opened third place for Urshela, whose defense and clutch bat (he had unqualified success on Friday) made him an insta-folk hero. essential.

He ended this confrontation and took another one before the discomfort became too unbearable. At present, Estrada, during his first clash, had the bases loaded after the RBI marches designed by Luke Voit and Morales, as well as a single single from Gleyber Torres scoring in the race. does 8-5. Estrada impressed the Yankees. He has a lot of LeMahieu in him – good batting skills, high baseball IQ, stability and availability, and the ability to slow down the game – not to be overwhelmed by the moments.

"Thairo has been one of the faces of what we are doing right now," said Boone. "In many ways, we rushed it here and threw it into the fire and it perfectly handled every situation."

At the moment, he has launched a double base in the third baseline. Lead shot up to 11-5. The first place was now – of all things – a gain of three chances for Adams Adams. This 2019 for the Yankees Adams has delivered three almost impeccable innings.

"We expect to win no matter who strikes first, third or fifth or who throws," said Brett Gardner.

These are the Yankees of 2019 and their ever increasing number of contributors. What does not kill them lengthens them.

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