This website generates AI portraits of people who do not exist

NVIDIA made the world speak in December 2018 after introducing a new AI capable of creating ultra-realistic photos of people who do not exist. Now, a website allows you to generate these imaginary portraits yourself. It's called

The site was created by Phillip Wang, a software engineer at Uber in San Francisco.

"Recently, a group of talented Nvidia researchers published the state-of-the-art generative contradictory business network, StyleGAN," Wang writes. "I decided to tap into my own pockets and educate the public about this technology.

"Faces are the most important elements of our knowledge, so I decided to set up this specific pre-trained model."

Wang's website is also meaningless: it simply shows a single face generated by the AI. Whenever you refresh the page, the AI ​​creates a brand new face "from a vector to 512-dimensional".

Here are some examples of faces that we generated with some updates:

Oh, and if that interests you, Wang has also set up a second website,

(via Phillip Wang via DPReview)

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