This year's CPAC star is a democratic socialist


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By Courtney Buble

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – There is an undisputed star at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference – a name that appears on stage and at the supreme conservative rally of the movement, a politician whose lightheadedness is not to be missed. impressive political initiative on the Hill captured the imagination of activists.

This is not President Donald Trump and his border wall. That's the representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., And her Green New Deal.

"With AOC, we can not take it for granted, we can not think that the American people understand what socialism is, we have to go out and educate," Ronna McDaniel, president of the Republican National Committee, said Thursday. .

Ocasio-Cortez "is currently the leader of the Democratic Party," said Laura Ingraham, Fox News host. "She is preparing the table of foreign policy of the Democrats" and the agenda of the candidates for the presidency of the party for 2020.

Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal is "a watermelon," said Sebastian Gorka, Trump's former advisor to the White House: "It's green on the outside, deep, communist-friendly." a deep red inside "and" what Stalin dreamed about, but never realized ".

"With this Green New Deal, they are trying to get rid of all the cows," said Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows, RN.C. , the push means that people are just going to eat more chicken and "The Chick-fil-A stock will go up a lot!"

Describing the best democrats as discrete socialists is a venerated tradition of CPAC. Ocasio-Cortez has filled this year the perpetual niche occupied recently by personalities such as former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Unlike them, Ocasio-Cortez occupies a central position even if it does not occupy any leadership role in the party and has no presidential ambition in the short term.

Another difference worries some speakers: it does not reject the socialist label, she approves.

And so she was everywhere this week, present in alarmist remarks on the scene, breathtaking video presentations, exciting off-stage discussions and multiple newsgroups with headlines such as "The Green New Deal". AOC: Dispel the alarmist climate behind integral socialism in America "and" How the left does it: money, people, technology and how they sell socialism with a smile. "

A projected video for the crowd featured different color footage of the congressman dancing in front of her Hill office, sparking the reaction of Ocasio-Cortez herself.

"GOP, defensively, says," We are not afraid of women dancing! "continue however to use images of me dancing" with the drained color to make it more disturbing, " she tweeted, with a laughing emoji. "Spoiler: The GOP * a * afraid of dancing women …"

However, despite the current concerns of the Conference about its rise, some grassroots conservatives have said they are not worried about the New York legislator or her push for signing policy.

Madeleine Hubbard, president of the Turning Point University section of the United States of Illinois, said that unlike many other Republicans, she did not consider the environmental policy package proposed by Ocasio-Cortez as "a real threat – this is only an empty resolution".

Bobby Walker, a CPAC participant, accepted. "I think it's just a bunch of crazy nonsense, I think she just said, because it's just something to put in there," she said. he declared.

Some said that Ocasio-Cortez was getting too much credit. Much of her program "has been known before, she will be after, I do not know why she has the full credit," said Vincent Mastantuno, a senior at the University of Suffolk in Massachusetts. "If anything, that's Jill Stein's move."

Others have proposed a disagreement mingled with respect reluctantly. The Green New Deal has become "a bit of a boxing punch because there is, I would say, out there," said Adam Houser, director of the National Colleges Committee for a Constructive Future, which promotes conservative environmental policies. "I'm going to give this to AOC because it's bold, I disagree with that a lot, but it's daring, so I think it's becoming a lightning rod."

Whatever the case may be, they said, it was not likely to disappear any time soon – partly because the Conservatives did not want it to happen.

"She is becoming the bad face of the Democratic Party," said Gina Roberts, vice chair of the board of directors of Log Cabin Republicans of California and first transgender delegate of the state party. "I think it's a good face for us.

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