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Thousands of immigrants quarantined after being exposed to contagious viral diseases

Immigration and customs officials have quarantined more than 5,000 immigrant adults potentially exposed to infectious viral diseases in immigration detention centers.

Adult immigrants in 39 detention centers across the country were quarantined after being exposed to mumps and chicken pox, CNN reported.

4,276 immigrants were exposed to mumps while 825 immigrants were exposed to chicken pox. Only 99 immigrants were exposed to both diseases, which can be easily prevented with vaccines.

"I think the situation is arousing increased interest because it is mumps, which is a new event in detention, but we have made success in preventing the spread of communicable diseases in custody at ICE" said Nathalie Asher, deputy director of the ICE at implementing and disposal measures, told CNN.

"From an operational point of view, the impact is significant in the short and long term and will result in an increase in the length of detention of incarcerated cohorts, an inability to expel eligible inmates under cohort and the postponement of consular talks scheduled for quarantine detainees., "she explained.

ICE will quarantine each person for 25 days from the last incubation period.

ICE currently holds more than 50,000 single adult immigrants in detention. While many have been quarantined due to exposure to viral diseases, not all immigrants have contracted the disease.

The exact number of confirmed cases of mumps or chickenpox has not been published. However, as CNN reported, ICE only confirmed 297 cases of mumps via a blood test from September 2018 to June 13th.

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