Tickets for UNC-Duke approach Super Bowl prices because of Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson turned Wednesday's game in North Carolina into a Super Bowl.

Well, it will cost you at least the price of a Super Bowl ticket to see the game.

If you want to go to Cameron Indoor Stadium to watch the first installment of the legendary rivalry of 2019, you will have to spend $ 2,500, the cheapest fare available. It's just a little less than the $ 2,674 you would have paid on January 27 for the cheapest available ticket for the February 3 Super Bowl, by Kyle Zorn, a marketing strategist for the TickPick Secondary Ticket Salesman .

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A ticket for this week's UNC-Duke match is sold for $ 10,652 per Vivid Headquarters. Zorn said only one other athlete comparable to Williamson and his impact on ticket prices: LeBron James after signing with the Los Angeles Lakers last summer.

Ticket prices for Lakers road games have increased by 125%, Zorn said.

"As for Duke this year, I have not seen anything like it," Zorn said.

The presence of Williamson, the likely number one choice in the NBA draft in June, and the top-five picks among the RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish selections added more pop to the college basketball rivalry game.

"Sion is a different bird, no question," said Tar Heels coach Roy Williams on Tuesday. "We tried to recruit him very, very hard, he has a combination of skills that I had never seen before, he gets a lot of attention but he deserves it, he saved it.

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"I said today, someone has taken the example, it's in many ways Duke's most talented team for 16 years I'm back [in North Carolina]. "

Some tickets for last season's national title game between Villanova and Michigan were as low as $ 67. By siege, the average price to attend a home game in North Carolina is $ 70 this season, but the average price of the 9th-leg match against Duke is already $ 991.

Zorn said comparable ticket prices for Wednesday's UNC-Duke match (9pm, ESPN) had been set about a week before the Super Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, and that the size of the room for the Wednesday's game was 9,314 – is an important factor in soaring prices.

Duke, the No. 1 team in America, will face North Carolina No. 8 in the 46th game between the two programs, the top two in the top 10. Duke won 23 of those clashes and North Carolina won 22, by ESPN Stats & Information.

"Between Zion Williamson, ranked # 1 and one of the biggest rivalries in the sport, the demand is intense," Zorn said. "The stocks available are also limited, which has a major impact on prices.The Cameron Indoor Stadium has 13% of the seating capacity of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.If you take into account that the seats are reserved for students, all you have left is with limited supply – and massive demand. "

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