Tide facilitates washes on demand 21/02/2019

Brand Procter & Gamble's Tide
is planning to embark on the out – of – home laundry business, hoping to have by the end of next year 2,000 Tide Cleaners outlets where workers will perform your "on – demand" wash.

has been working in the laundry and dry cleaning business out of the home for a decade, without much fanfare, with about 800 sites in the country that operate as franchises and have tested the best
"Frictionless" ways of working.

Tide Cleaners now adds what the company says is a more "holistic" approach to the business, customizing it in a new way. A tide cleaner
A smartphone app can tell customers where the drop off points are and when the clothes are ready to be picked up. The app gives a modern idea of ​​the old idea of ​​letting someone wash themselves,
dry and fold your clothes and maybe do your dry cleaning too.



Tide says that clothes are washed in an environmentally friendly way, with compounds that make the colors more vivid.

The company is looking for more places. P & G states that "interested consumers, building managers, franchisees and retailers can ask tide cleaners to consider opening a site in their city,
building or on their campus by visiting www.tidecleaners.com/start. "

According to a recent survey by the American Cleaning Institute, cleaning the bathroom is the most hated household chore,
by a wide margin. Doing laundry, however, is the fifth, after cleaning the kitchen, dusted and cleaned.

In addition, P & G quotes a Ministry of Labor statistic that the average American spends
more than an hour a day washing clothes.

"Many people believe that to properly wash the laundry, they have to do it themselves," said Sundar Raman, vice president of
P & G's North American tissue sanitation business. "Tide is tackling this challenge head-on and is aiming to give people clean, neat clothing and a little time back. This new service is going
complement our existing activities and give people the opportunity to get the clean tide they deserve on their terms and not on time. "

The concept Tide Cleaners operates in several
modes. In Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, Boston and Nashville, as well as Cincinnati, P & G's hometown, consumers can leave their laundry 24/7 in drop boxes
certain apartments and office buildings and storefronts. They are delivered to individual lockers. This model is expanding with 350 new boxes installed each month, and goes to more

In addition, P & G is installing drop boxes in existing stores, such as supermarkets, so customers, like Redbox video rentals, can do more than just shop.

Tide also opens its own laundries 24 hours a day, most of which are owned by local franchisees. There are already 125 in cities like Houston, Phoenix and Omaha.

And for
Younger consumers, Tide began picking up and delivering vans on campus.

"To start the service, parents or students can take out a monthly laundry package and deposit it within
Tide Cleaners custom laundry bag, "reads in a press release. The service already exists on 20 campuses, including the University of Alabama, Indiana University, and the Southern Methodist.

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