Tiger Woods delivers for himself, gold, and America

It was an extraordinary performance made even more for what, for Tiger Woods, it must have looked like an increasingly stifling atmosphere of growing expectations. Could he really do it?

Yes, yes he could.

By winning his fifth Masters Sunday, Woods earned his fifteenth major victory. It was his first time in 11 years. The beauty of Woods' performance in Augusta, Georgia, is made more special by its uniquely American character.

Because it's a redemption story – of a player who, just a few years ago, never seemed to win a major tournament, and that some stupid souls had ruled out. While speculation and media whispering has sometimes been heard by Woods, he has never let it triumph. Offering greater engagement with his fans but remaining consistent in his desire for privacy, Woods kept his concentration and swing relaxed, simply playing the game. Hard work paid off.

We have seen this in Woods' performance over the past four days: calm, relentless and ruthless. When the time came on Sunday, Woods jumped ahead, imitated the tiger and grabbed its prey – another beautiful green coat. Francesco Molinari played with remarkable skill, but this weekend neither he nor anyone was good enough.

Popular opinion and capitalism will unite to advance golf and Tiger's own fortunes. How many major tournaments can now win Tiger? The man who changed the green jacket and golf forever once again delivered a majestic new chapter to the game of his choice.

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