Tiger Woods score: the end of the last round in 2019, Genesis Open propels him out of the top 10

Tiger Woods unleashed a frenzy in the 2019 Genesis Open late Saturday night as he began his third round with five consecutive three innings. He also took the initiative early Sunday, as he began his third round at the 17th par-5 with a back-and-forth for the normal. He followed that with a peer on No. 18 and another eagle on the first hole of normal 5 to get to 7 under the week. It was a remarkable race for someone who has experienced difficulties at this event (at least for him) over the years.

It did not last either.

Woods tidied a third round 65 which felt like it could have been a 55 and started 20 minutes later for a final round with three birdies in the first seven holes. At age 10, he was legitimately starting to get into the golf tournament. But after that, he booked his five trios on Saturday with five five years Sunday in a sequence that went from the 17th hole to the third hole and sent him spiraling down the rankings. He straightened the ship with several passes at home, but the damage was done. Here is a detailed overview of the Woods finale.

Before nine (under 34 years): The denouement arrived at the 16th hole of normal 3, where Woods pierced with a bunker at 35 feet from the cup. At that point, the win was still difficult as Justin Thomas was busy in the pack, but a place in the top 10 seemed like a lock.

Back new (3 of 38): A start of 5-5 on the first nine (the last nine of the event) however helped to calm the spirits. Woods scored five more goals on the fifth hole of normal 4 (more on this ugly bogey in one minute) and ended a fun (albeit bumpy) week with a total of 72 points in the final.

What went well: Not a lot! He was really good around the greens, which is a bit of a catch-22. Woods missed a lot of greens in the last round, which earned him necessary being really good around the greens, but he still held out (especially with the two holes of the number 16).

What has gone wrong: Everything went at least a little to the south, but it was his putter that missed him the most. After finishing third in round 3, Woods lost shots in round 4. It's a guess, of course, but I think the few days of the marathon they had to face had a 43-year adverse impact . old wood more than most. He hit really terrible putts in the last nine holes on Sunday.

A hole to explain the day: Tiger missed a 2-foot-6-inch putt on the fifth hole of normal 4. A 2-foot, 6-inch putt. It's a mental mistake that Woods rarely makes, and I have to believe that mental fatigue came into play here.

Where he is: Woods will not finish in the top 10 after finishing with 278, but it was a fruitful week for him after missing out on this tournament last season. He was delighted Saturday afternoon with five straight games and probably the tournament shot. I thought making a cut here would be a success for Woods, which he hardly realized, and now he's going to take some juice in his next event.

And after: Woods will participate next week in the WGC-Mexico championship where he is a seven-time champion but has never played. Let me explain. Woods won this tournament when he was played in a variety of other venues, but has not qualified since arriving in Mexico two years ago. This is its first WGC event since last season's WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and its second since 2014.

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