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TikTok prevents young users from downloading videos after FTC settlement

TikTok will no longer allow children under 13 to upload videos, leave comments, create a profile or send messages, after signing an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission the binding to comply with the federal law on the protection of children's privacy.

The changes come into effect today for all new and existing TikTok users, to whom the application asks them to indicate their date of birth. Some users reported that their accounts and videos were deleted without warning after entering a birth date that would make them under 13 years old.

TikTok has agreed to pay $ 5.7 million to the FTC today to settle the charges of violating COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Act, which requires that Apps and websites get parental approval from users under 13 years old. As part of the settlement agreement, any videos previously uploaded by users under the age of 13 will be removed and the company must comply with the COPPA when signing younger users.

To achieve compliance, TikTok has chosen to segment young users into what it calls a "separate and limited application experience". Users under the age of 13 will still be able to watch videos, but TikTok says they will be organized. It also seems that they will be able to record, but not publish, their own videos.

Some people over the age of 13 complain about losing their accounts after a bad birthday. TikTok has responded to Twitter users by asking them to provide a copy of their government identifier in the "Report a problem" section of the application, but users have reported the lack of such a feature . We contacted TikTok for clarification.

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