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Tim Cook talks about Apple's attention on the health and privacy of users

As Apple intensified its efforts in the health sector, it also began to focus more on user privacy. A new report from NPR plunges Apple's interest in privacy, with Tim Cook seeing privacy as a "key element" of health data.

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Talk to NPRCook claims that Apple has avoided acquiring user data for advertising purposes. According to him, this is one of the reasons why users trust Apple and want to use its Health app and related features:

In an interview with NPR, Cook said his company had avoided acquiring user data to sell advertisements. "People will look at this and feel that they can trust Apple," he says. "It's a key part of everyone you work with on your health."

In addition, he points out that Apple's public stance on privacy is not just about marketing. For Tim Cook, privacy is a requirement for health data:

"It's not the way we look at the benefits," he says. "In reality, I know that I want to do business with people who have my health data, people I have deep trust in."

Last week, a report revealed that some of the most popular third-party health apps on iOS were sending personal user data to Facebook. NPR says today that developers have been told that they need to change this practice or be completely removed from the App Store.

Today's report also covers Sam Cavaliere, a San Diego man who started using the health record feature of the Health app on iOS:

"When I go to the doctor, in addition to my records, I get the blood pressure results I took myself," says Cavaliere. "And they can see it and compare it to what they do in the office so they get a bigger picture than what happens once or twice a year in the office."

Full NPR piece can be read here.

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