Tim Tebow's response to the Haters will make you want to cross the wall | MLB


Tim Tebow will not let anyone's opinion distract from his quest for the Major League Baseball.

The winner of the 2007 Heisman Trophy begins his second spring training with the New York Mets and seeks to build a 2018 abbreviated injury campaign in which he defeated 0.227 / 0.36 / 0.399 with six homers in 84 games. He was also named star player in the Double-A Eastern League.

The former NFL quarterback had a lot to say to his enemies on Sunday, as we see on a video recorded by Steve Gelbs, field reporter of Sportsets New Yorks Mets.

"You will always have critics, opponents and people who will tell you that you can not, that you can not, that you should not do it," Tebow said. "Most of these people are the ones who did not, who could not. And not be defined by external sources, you are at the end of your dreams. "

Tebow did not stop there.

"Succeeding or failing is not a big step or does not necessarily satisfy that," added Tebow. "Do not live with regret because I have not tried it."

It's not possible to know if Tebow will ever succeed in making headway in the big leagues. But after not playing the game for a decade, the former quarterback enters his third year of professional baseball and is expected to start the season in the Triple-A Syracuse Championship.

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