Tina Fey hates Jimmy Fallon in a meta-sketch at Larry Sanders


What: A surreal sketch marking a TV milestone in the late evening.

Who: Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon.

Why we care: "You are a terrible person," says Tina Fey sotto voce when she meets Jimmy Fallon for the first time in this video. It would be a first line, but knowing that Tina Fey plays here the role of Tina Fey, Tonight's show invited, the dynamic is considerably more interesting. And it only gets wilder from there.

To mark the fifth anniversary of Fallon as the host of Tonight's show, the team behind the series wrote a dark and funny book, Larry Sanders-y riff in which Tina Fey is furious with Fallon, and Fallon may not be the nice party-goer who plays idiotic games with celebrities. Ben Stiller is also there, in an extended moment about the fact that he has to wear a panda suit, which is never really going anywhere.

The most striking moment is nearing the end. While Fey is angry at Fallon, she never explains exactly what irritates her. Until his words separate: "Trump was elected because of you," which is either supposed to be the source of his anger against him, or something that she said because & # 39; She knew it would happen to her. Anyway, the sketch has a lot more depth than it could be associated with Tonight's show rate

Look at the complete sketch below.

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