Tips and tricks Siri for iPhone


If you have an iPhone, you probably know the basics of what Siri can do. But Siri Shortcuts supercharges it by allowing you to control third-party applications only with your voice. You do not even need to touch your iPhone in most cases.

You can, for example, ask Siri to start browsing to use Waze instead of Apple Maps or have your HomePod read a Pandora station (yes, you can do it!). You can even ask Siri to take a selfie, which is useful if you are trying to gather a crowd of people in a photo and your iPhone is in the room.

I will explain how to configure Siri shortcuts for some popular applications that I use on my iPhone.

A word of warning: Siri is still learning, so the shortcuts that he recommends can largely be based on whether you have ever used an app or not. So, if you have never used the CNBC or Pandora application, it is possible that some of my recommended shortcuts do not show up before. It is helpful to start by playing in an application so that Siri knows how you use it.

You can run these shortcuts anywhere, whether through your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad, HomePod or even Apple CarPlay.

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