TJ Cunningham went to "box it out" with neighbor on-site parking before firing

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colorado – First assistant and former University of Colorado football player

killed in a shooting Sunday morning

According to a criminal record, he had met his neighbor to "tidy up his belongings" about a dispute over a parking spot.

The affidavit for the arrest of Marcus Johnson, 31, contains more details about what happened on the Eaglecrest High School parking lot Sunday morning just after 9 am when the shooting finally left Anthony "TJ" Cunningham dead.

Arapahoe County Sheriff's deputies were summoned to the school parking around 9:20 am to announce that a man had been shot and covered in blood.

While the deputies were answering the parking lot, Johnson called the dispatch to report that he had shot his neighbor, that he was at his home, in the 5000 block of Rome, and that his weapon was fist was in his car, outside his home.

According to the affidavit, witnesses and neighbors told MPs that Johnson and Cunningham had been involved in an ongoing conflict over a parking space in front of their home, one across the street. on the other.

According to the affidavit, Cunningham's brother reportedly told MPs after the shooting that he and Cunningham had agreed to meet Johnson in the school parking lot "so they could" tidy up their belongings ".

Once at school, the brother says that Cunningham and Johnson started walking towards each other shouting obscenities. At that time, Johnson allegedly pulled out a firearm and fired three shots, hitting Cunningham in the head and chest.

The brother told the deputies that Cunningham was not armed. Cunningham was taken to the Parker Adventist Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on Monday.

"It's just a shock. I have a hard time believing it. He would greet me as his big brother and tell me over the years. Mike Pritchard, who played for CU and competed in the Seahawks training camp with Cunningham, said in Denver7 on Monday.

Johnson appeared for the first time in Arapahoe County Court after being arrested for first degree murder after deliberation. He is being held without bail pending his next hearing on February 22, where he should be formally charged.

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