Today 's national emergency vote is about much more than the border.


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By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann

WASHINGTON – Today's vote in the US House to cancel President Trump's national emergency declaration on his border wall will tell us a lot on how Republicans might break with regard to the final findings of the special advocate Robert Mueller.

A test vote on the rule of law? (Can a president bypass Congress if he does not succeed?) Check.

A test vote on the separation of powers? (Which branch of government can tax and spend money?)

A test vote on the number of Republicans willing to break with Trump? If you do not vote against the president on this issue – bypassing congressional plans to build a border wall – you will never vote against him.

NBC's Marianna Sotomayor says the vote in the House is scheduled between 5:15 pm (ET) and 6:15 pm (ET), and that the law canceling Trump's national emergency declaration includes 230 co-authors (including a Republican), it will therefore be adopted.

Once the bill is approved by the House, the Senate has 18 days to vote. Guess which GOP Senator has spoken out against Trump 's national emergency? Senator Thom Tillis, CR-N., To be re-elected in 2020

Michael Cohen plans to make news

In the end, President Trump chose to spend the entire week thousands of miles in Vietnam. In addition to the House vote on his national emergency statement, Michael Cohen, Trump 's former counsel and attorney, testifies at Capitol Hill in three different contexts:

  • Tuesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee (closed meeting)
  • Wednesday before the House Oversight and Reform Committee (open)
  • Thursday before the House Intelligence Committee (closed).

And it seems that Cohen is ready to make some news, especially on Wednesday, an informed source told NBC News:

"Cohen will describe behind-the-scenes eyewitness, personal observation anecdotes including lies, racism and cheating as a private entrepreneur when he will work for him for ten years."

"It will also reveal information on Trump's financial statements."

"Cohen will discuss his motivation to lie and why he decided to tell the truth publicly, out of fear of his family and his country."

"Did someone tell him to lie? Cohen will also discuss it. In the world of Trump, no one speaks in declarative sentences. "

Replacement of Rahm

On election day in Chicago, 14 candidates run the succession of outgoing mayor Rahm Emanuel. Political observers in Windy City say the second round of the Top 2 is virtually guaranteed, as no one should get the 50% or more needed to win tonight.

Indeed, entering the 1920s will probably take you to the second round.

The main candidates vying to replace Rahm are the chairman of the Cook County Board of Trustees, Toni Preckwinkle, the former Clinton Secretary of State for Commerce and the Chief of Staff of the United States. Obama, Bill Daley (whose father and brother were mayor of Chicago), former US attorney Lori Lightfoot (who co-chaired the Chicago Police Liability Task Force) and the supervisor of the Chicago Police Force. Illinois, Susana Mendoza.

Oh, and try your luck: NBC Chicago reports that the 3 best candidates can request a recount to find out if they are within 5 percentage points of the candidate who precedes them.

Vision 2020: Bernie's Eyebrow Response When Reporting Tax Returns

Bernie Sanders' strong performance at CNN City Hall last night – it helps to have been a presidential candidate! – this exchange on his tax returns was remarkable:

CNN: Do you want to publish 10 years of your tax returns? As you know, Elizabeth Warren decided to do it.


CNN: What was the delay? Why did not you do it so far?

SANDERS: Well, you know, the delay is not – it's going to be boring – our tax returns will bother you to death. It's just – nothing special about them. It was just a mechanical problem. We do not have accountants at home. My wife makes it essential. And we are going to release that stuff.

CNN: So, when do you think you can see your tax returns?

SANDERS: Sooner than later.

CNN: What does that mean?



CNN: And why did not you do it last time? You have been under a lot of pressure to do it.

SANDERS: I did not have a lot of pressure. I did not finish because I did not win the nomination. If we had won the nomination, we would have done it.

CNN: Agreed, senator, but …

SANDERS: But again, I do not want to shock you, Wolf. These are very boring tax returns.

CNN: And we will seek to see them.


Our Delivery: It is not necessary for an accountant to create PDFs of prior filings filed with the IRS.

What is he nervous about?

On the 2020 trail today

Joe Biden had a conversation with historian and author Jon Meacham of the University of Delaware.

Data Download: -19 percentage points

This is the margin among independent voters who agree that "the country would be better if our political and economic systems were more socialist" (37%) and those who disagree (56%).

According to the survey conducted by the Republican firm Public Opinion Strategies – half of the GOP NOP / WSJ survey – 45% of registered voters agree that the US would be better off. they were more socialists, including Democrats 77% – margin of 19 percent (+58).

But a majority – 51% – disagrees, including respondents from the GOP group with a margin of 14 to 83% (-69).

The main opposing groups also disagree, such as white suburban women (-17 years) and those living in potential battlefield states for 2020 (-12 years).

Pollster Neil Newhouse, Public Opinion Strategies on Public Opinion, said: "Given the results of this poll, the President's warning against the move to socialism makes sense."

The survey was conducted between February 16th and 20th on 800 registered voters, with an overall margin of error of over 3.1 percentage points.

Tweet of the day

The lid: money, problems

Do not miss the module yesterday because one of us (!) Explains why Elizabeth Warren makes sure that fundraisers are very expensive.

ICYMI: Getting started

White House journalists have been expelled from a pre-planned workspace before the North Korean summit.

It looks like Rod Rosenstein is trying to moderate expectations about the content of the Mueller report.

Trump says that an American captive detained in Yemen for 18 months has been released.

Bernie Sanders raised $ 10 million in less than a week.

Other stories not to be missed …

Trump Agenda: All the investigations of the President

Even though Trump's restricted circle is not named in the Mueller report, other investigations are in progress.

Paul Manafort's lawyers plead for a reduced sentence.

The Judicial Crisis Network has launched an advertising campaign to try to save Neomi Rao's candidacy.

The GOP's "Born Alive" abortion bill has not advanced in the Senate.

2020: under pressure

David Bossie is trying to keep Larry Hogan out of the presidential race by exerting political pressure on him in his home country.

Hillary Clinton is not a candidate, but that does not stop her from imposing on the 2020 race.

One of us spoke to Jay Inslee, who wants to make climate change his main problem, if he is running for the race.

Ben Kamisar of NBC notes that the year 2016 is not over for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

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