Todd Gurley more injured at the Super Bowl than we knew: CJ Anderson

Malcolm Butler is not in the dock, but a mystery of the Super Bowl could be solved.

Todd Gurley, whose use and productivity evaporated during the playoffs to the point where the MVP candidate was replaced by CJ Anderson, could have been, as was suspected, more affected than he left Los Angeles.

Gurley had missed the last two games of the regular season with a left knee injured, then returned to the playoffs and was not listed in the injury report for the NFC championship or Super Bowl. He insisted that he was fine, but his numbers told another story: a combined total of 14 races for 45 yards against the Saints and Patriots.

Anderson had to fill the void and he now explains why.

"[Gurley] was really more hurt than we thought, " Anderson said Tuesday on "Undisputed" of FS1. "The injury was a little more than everyone thought in the building, including himself."

Anderson stated that even though Gurley had never revealed the injury to him, he thought it was a sprained knee.

"It's obvious that his knee injury is the same as his career," said Anderson. "Obviously, I had a meniscus surgery and once you had a knee [injury], you always have one knee [injury]. So it gets worse, and he had a lot of contacts earlier in the year – obviously, being one of the best backs, that was probably the case. "

Rams coach Sean McVay made a different story after losing 13-3 to the Super Bowl, where Gurley had 35 yards in 10 races.

"Todd is in good health," said McVay. "We really did not have a chance to attack anyone, and it starts with me."

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